Create E2E business processes with Amazon Dash Buttons on AWS IoT to Salesforce

AllCloud first ever Hackathon is focusing on finding a Unique Bussiness offering that integrates AWS services with Salesforce applications for a specific AllCloud customer. 

The challenge is to develop apps or solutions using Amazon DASH Button, Alexa or any other AWS service or device with connectivity to SF application.
A bonus will be provided to teams who incorporate into the solution an Artificial Intelligence aspect


  • Hacking start - welcoming session on Thursday, 10-Jan-18, 9 am
  • Hacking ends - Demos to the committee on Friday, 11-Jan-18, 11 am - Each Team will get up to 10 min to present their idea and deliverables
  • Jury deliberation and the winner announcement by 3 pm

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AllCloud employees ONLY. Each team will consist of one or more team members of the following roles:
  • Solution Architect - Speaks the user language
  • Developers - Code or SF customization is how they see the world
  • Marketer - Guide the team in finding its Sales' peach
The teams will be accompanied by Helpers who will assist in fine-tuning the ideas, find technical solutions, etc  (Amir Hunga, Guy Ernest, Yosi Yaffe)

How to enter

  • The Hackathon is open for EMEA AllCloud employees.
  • Once you Register, you will be able to submit ideas as well as connect with others who registered to form a team.
  • Relevant AWS and SF environments will be available for your use as well as the DASH Button or couple of Alexas.


Eran Gil

Eran Gil

Ronit Rubin

Ronit Rubin
General Manager, EMEA

Lahav Savir

Lahav Savir
Founder, EVP And Chief Architect, Cloud Platforms

Efrat Samson

Efrat Samson
EVP Delivery

AllCloud EMEA employees

AllCloud EMEA employees

Judging Criteria

  • Value to customer
    A weight of 40%. Customer Value is the perception of what a product or service is worth to a Customer versus the possible alternatives. Worth means whether the Customer feels s/he or he got benefits and services over what s/he paid.
  • Platform integration
    A weight of 20%. The ideas and deliverables should demonstrate real integration between Salesforce and AWS platforms
  • Actual deliverable
    A weight of 20% Examination of the tangibility of the service produced as a result of the hackathon
  • Mix teams
    A weigh of 20% The teams' arrangements (local/remote; junior/experienced; variety of departments, etc)